WENDY MAHON, Visual Artist and Costume Design/Construction

SEABRIGHT McCABE, Director/Theatre Artist

DESMOND DAVIS, Dancer/Choreographer

DAVID PROCHAZKA, Music Composer, Researcher and Consultant

SARAH PEASE-KERR, Dramaturge/Playwright

GABRIELLE VEHAR, Writer/Researcher/Choreographer

DAVID YOUNG, Musician: Keyboards, Composer and Recording

TERRY BOYARSKY, Classical Pianist/Ethnomusicologist

THOMAS GURA, Set Design and Construction

DERDRIU RING, Theatre Artist

OLEG KRUGLYAKOV, Music Arranging and Recording

DANCEVERT, Dance/Choreography

BRITTA WILL, Theatre Artist

RIA TERRANOVA WEBB, Theatre Artist and Educator

LAUREN FRALEY, Theatre Artist and Outreach Consultant

NICOLE SUMLIN, Music and Dance Artist Educator

ANDREW ROTHMAN, Webmaster, Marketing and PR

Acknowledgement to: Former Executive Director, TOM KERR