Global Tales



Use the power of reading to outsmart a magician and discover the benefits of being bilingual in these two participatory stories from Latin America  told in Spanish and English. Ages 3-9. Great for  Families.

LA TORTUGA SIN AMIGOS:  The Turtle Without Friends

A mean Turtle loses all his friends because he calls them names, makes them cry, hurts their feelings and threatens them. He will learn the value of an apology, manners and friendship in this participatory tale told in Spanish and English.
Ages 3-9. Great for families!

TALK-TALK-TALK – A story/dance from Africa

A talking yam? A talking loom? A talking river? As you learn this African story/dance, realize that sometimes there is just too much talk and everyone needs a moment of quiet.  Ages 3-9, Great for families!

SPARKLY SKIN – A tale from Africa

A frog learns the importance of listening and following directions as he meets a caterpillar on the banks of a sparkly river.  Ages 3-9, Great for families!


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