Mission is Possible:  What Goes Up…

Must Come Down                                                          

Sunny D. Lite and Cumulo Nimbus have stolen the greatest treasure in the world! Become a Secret Agent and solve this mystery. Odds are, you won’t live to see the morrow, unless the treasure is found!
Great for Families and ages 5-10. NOTE: This program is about the Water Cycle.

 Sacajawea & Plants that Saved America

Meet Sacajawea, a Shoshone Indian who
not only traveled with Lewis and Clark
carrying her baby across dangerous terrain, but also helped provide the expedition with native fruits and vegetables that saved them
from scurvy and fed them when there was no food to eat. Join her exploring the Life Science of plants to discover their uses as food, medicine, clothing, and shelter both yesterday and today. Participatory Workshop for 30 or under. Grades 3-7.