Speaking / Keynote / Workshop

Activating Change

Arts and culture can be a driving force for change within our communities. During this session, learn how Kulture Kids has created performances and workshops around topics such as gun violence, bullying, sustainable mobility, clean water, vibrant green space, civility, diversity and more, by listening and creating customized programs requested by schools and community groups. The power of listening and the power of words can activate change.

(This speaking engagement was created for the Community Partnership for Arts & Culture.)

People, not Mascots

Stereotypes categorize individuals or groups according to an oversimplified standardized image or idea. This session will explore the use of an ethnic race as a mascot leading to stereotypes accepted as truth.

(This speaking engagement was created for Diversity Initiatives.)

Book or Cover

Robin Pease lets you put her in a box as a means to examine stereotypes and discover that “you can’t tell a book by its cover”. If you have knowledge, let it show in your behavior and find it is easier to understand, accept, have empathy, be comfortable and inclusive with others who have differences. This session will explore 12 strategies to start and strengthen human relationships and encourage participants to find diversity right in their own backyard.

(This speaking engagement was created for Walsh University.)

Making Connections & Sharing ideas through Stories

Stories are the way wisdom gets passed along and a powerful tool that can put ideas into the world. Stories remind us of what we know, what we’ve forgotten and what is possible. Whether at home or at work, your story needs to be told to illustrate the importance of your experience. Discover tips, tricks and techniques to embrace your inner storyteller. Then use these skills to inspire others by sharing your personal story.

(This workshop was created for MetroHealth Hospital.)